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Someone is giving away free corn dogs at Honest Ed’s today.
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Do Make Say Think, August 22-24
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Watch the TTC detail new streetcar features
Toronto ranked the 4th most liveable city, according to annual poll
Gillette Drafted Recap: Episode 2
“Sports knowledge is crucial.” Duh?

And we’re back! After last week’s premiere with 24 hopefuls going to Drafted boot camp, 18 people being embarrassed, and 6 finalists being chosen (anti-climactically I’d say….producers? are you listening?) we’re finally getting down to business.

Last season, contestants competed in two challenges every episode. One person would win and be granted immunity from that night’s elimination. This time around, no one gets eliminated until the last show and it’s not based on Greg “Angry Eyes” Sansone and the other judges’ opinions. It’s based on viewer votes. And isn’t that the most terrifying thought?

Episode two begins with the challenge to come….a sports trivia whatever. But first let’s all sit around a conference table and feign mild enthusiasm at making it this far. Jackie asks the guys how stoked they are, and they all literally mutter “Yea…it’s amazing.” Energetic bunch.

Matty D muses that it just clicked that “One of us is going to win this thing”. Astute observation Matty. Reality competitions happen that way. Except on Girlicious when four girls won.

Side Note: I was approached since I wrote the first recap and torn a new one for NOT giving these contestants nicknames that mock them slightly. I’m trying to be nice. But I’ll brainstorm and let you know at the end.

While describing the new rules, Jackie mentions that in addition to basing their performance on viewer votes, they’re introducing a Gillette report card.  Social presence accounts for 10%, Sports IQ comes in at 40% and on-air presence is the most at 50%. Once all the challenges are complete, the scores will be tallied up and a winner will be announced. Nasr equates the competition to NFL post season. He made a sports reference, so you know he’s in it to win it.

It’s trivia time! The guys will be asked 24 questions and will have to write their answers on cue cards. Video questions from The Score personalities are worth 2 points, while written questions are worth 1. There’s a possible 31 points to be won here. Judges Greg, Cam, and Renee are in the control room to watch and comment. 

Jackie reminds us what’s at stake: a one year contract to be a spokesperson for Gillette and a one year contract with The Score. No fashion spread in Seventeen magazine? Lame.

Before we can get to the questions we need to learn a little something about each contestant. Nasr’s favourite sports memory is the 2008 game between Arizona and Pittsburgh. Nate’s is Sidney Crosby’s golden goal at the Olympics. (Ooooooooh Andrew’s earpiece is making his ear fold in a weird way. It’s all I can see!) Matty’s is the first Charger game he ever saw with his dad. Chris would want to have a sit down with Muhammad Ali. Andrew would like to have one with Steve Nash. Ray is partial to Ken Griffey Jr., nice.

The questions start and for someone who has no idea what goes on in sports, they’re a tad intimidating. Sample questions: Who is the NHL’s active leader in points? What venue hosted the largest UFC event in history? Who is the Canadian spokesperson for Gillette? How many seasons has Steve Nash led the NBA in assists? Write the answer down in five seconds, flip it around and fist pump if you got it right.

Things I like about this challenge: The range of sports covered in the questions, the judges’ mockery when answers were wrong, getting to see people who work at The Score on video and Jackie flexing her obviously hurting, heel-encased foot. Caught you.

Things I hate about this challenge: Matty’s thinking face (scrunched up and making me uncomfortable), Chris’s losing face (gigantic smile), and the fact that I got zero points.

Nate goes more than a few rounds with a perfect record. Question after question he gets the answers right and breathes a sign of relief. This does not annoy me. Take note Matty and Chris.

I have to say that the standout person from this episode is the female producer in the control room. In addition to wearing an awesome headpiece, she gave out some of the best moments that included “Nasr has no idea,” “I love me some Matty D,” and laughter when she wasn’t even on screen. Sansone’s whispered answers to see if he could be in the running to work at The Score came in a close second.

Weirdest/coolest moment: A question asked for the name of a baseball player who stole the most bases and the number itself. Chris got the name right, but Andrew got the number (randomly, he says) right with 938. Fine, I’m impressed.

The final scores (out of 31) are: Nate 17, Matty 15, Andrew 15, Ray 14, Nasr 12, Chris 7. Nate will get something going into the next challenge, but we all have to wait to find out what. Backstage the guys all sigh with relief that it’s over and Chris admits that some answers he just doesn’t know. Maybe we keep some things to ourselves, hm?

Feedback from the judges comes this year on a one-on-one basis where each contestant gets a few (completely useless) phrases from the trinity. Examples: “Sports knowledge is crucial,” “You were more nervous in boot camp,” “You’re calm– but I want more,” “I like your emotion,” “You don’t make me uncomfortable.” Golden stuff guys. If anything actually helpful in the competition was said, it’s on the cutting room floor.

During the credits each guy has regrets and pretty big statements. Andrew lets us know that he likes when competitors get negative feedback. That’s just called life, babe. Chris says he was so close on so many questions. That’s cute, but they don’t give out “Thanks for trying so hard” jobs here. Matty thinks it’s destiny that he’s in the competition right now. Which is true because Jackie would have whupped him last year, but now he has a chance.

Next week the guys are on a podcast and get down right catty towards each other. Oh, I’m tingling with anticipation.

I don’t even know how to come up with any nicknames this year. No one is in a bow tie and suspenders. No one looks like they were taken from a cradle. No one has eyes that wake me up in a cold sweat. I was spoon fed last season. All I have so far is that Chris looks like a hybrid of Bill Hader and Keanu Reeves and I’m pretty sure Andrew played Michael J. Fox’s dad in Back to the Future. Plus Nate is really pretty. There, I said it.


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