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A Rumour Rundown of the iPhone 5
Two days before its anticipated unveiling

No photos have been released of the iPhone 5 yet.

As the rumour mill revolves with shouts and screams of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5, we dissect fact from fiction to give you an idea of what to really expect. 

Tech experts have created a prototype for the iPhone 5 from leaked partsHere’s what we should expect:

The new design will closely approximate current iMacs. Silver aluminum is expected to frame dark black glass, enabling the screen to be less shatter prone. Also increasing resistance to breakage is the use of Gorilla Glass 2, a tougher upgrade from the original Gorilla Glass employed in the iPhone 4S. iLounge also predicts a 4 inch display screen. The iPhone 4S currently sports a display screen 3.5 inches in diameter. This expansion will allow for a slender iPhone, with Gizmodo predicting a 20% thinner body.

The iPhone 5 will also boast longer battery power as a result of its IGZO screen. The thinness of the IGZO screen will allow the phone to emit more light with less energy.

The phone will run with Apple’s new iOS 6, a system which features Apple’s own mapping system and the newly introduced Passbook.

Unconfirmed rumours: 

The extinction of Siri. Audience, the company responsible for developing Siri has announced that Apple is “unlikely” to use the original system in the iPhone 5. 

A MUCH smaller dock connector. While iLounge has theorized that the new dock connector will be a mere 8 pins, this claim boarders on impossible as each pin is responsible for a different function. Engaging 8 pins would severely limit the connectors function.

Near Field Technology (NFC), a function which would allow iPhones to connect via radio communication. Rumours of the iPhone 5 having NFC are circulating, however demand for NFC is low and Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference vaguely painted the picture of a future without NFC for iPhone users.  [Via Gizmodo]


Claudia McNeilly is an editorial intern at the Toronto Standard. You can follow her on twitter at @claudiamcneilly

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