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Sarah Silverman's Indecent Proposal
Self-proclaimed "Jewess with big naturals" has an offer for Romney-backing billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Sarah Silverman is addressing the aristocrats again, but this time it’s consensual. The raunchy comedian has an offer for Sheldon Adelson. We’ll let Sarah fill you in on the specific details, but suffice it to say she’s willing to use her considerable talents to convince the 78-year-old billionaire casino magnate to forgo his $100 mil donation to Mitt Romney’s presidential bid and fund Barack Obama’s campaign instead. In an election year when billionaires are backing Romney in droves, Silverman is giving Adelson the chance to be the only billionaire to be brought “to fruition” by the self proclaimed “Jewess with big naturals.” We await your decision, Sheldon.

The Indecent Proposal marks Silverman’s second foray into influencing U.S. presidential election outcomes. During the 2008 campaign, the former Comedy Central star launched The Great Schlep wherein she asked America’s Jews to visit their grandparents in Florida and convince them to vote for Obama.


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