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720,000 gallons of "Canadian gold" is back in safe hands

Photo via Flickr user astanleyjones

Several weeks ago, the Toronto Standard reported on the theft of more than $20-million worth in maple syrup. We’re happy to report that this traumatic saga in the collective life of our nation has come to a happy end. 

Last week, the RCMP obtained a search warrant to raid a storage facility in New Brunswick. And according to the Montreal Gazette, authorities were successful in recovering a large amount of the stolen product. The maple syrup theft was discovered on August 24 when workers found that 16,000 45-gallon barrels had been drained of their contents. How the syrup thieves achieved this feat is unknown. However, it’s presumed that after draining the barrels, the thieves transferred the syrup to tankers and moved it to the New Brunswick facility in order to ship it further at a later date.    

No arrests have been made yet, though one suspects maple syrup producers across the country have stepped up preventive measures to ensure that another national incident like this doesn’t occur in the future. [Montreal Gazette]


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