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WATCH: First Footage of Tiger Cubs in the Wild Taken by Elephants
These elephants are actually pretty good videographers

BBC Earth managed to snag the first video of tiger cubs in the wild, even if they had to use rather unorthodox means to do it. Instead of using a human cameraman, who would probably most likely end up as dinner, they mounted special cameras on some members of a herd of elephants. Tigers don’t usually bother attacking a full grown elephant, because that would be insane, so as you can see the elephants can get quite close. They definitely got some excellent footage in this 4 minute video, that shows a young tiger mom with four cubs struggling to keep them all in line. It’s hilariously adorable, because tigers usually only give birth to two or three cubs, so this young tigress has quite a lot on her plate. Even though the babies can’t see, they also seem determined to leave the safety of their den (to play with the elephants?), and hilarious pratfalls and tumbling ensue.

These elephants are pretty good TV reporters, how soon do you think it will be before elephants are giving us all of the news?

[via Geekosystem]


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