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Do Make Say Think: What We're Doing This Weekend (October 19-21)
Submerge yourself in the Halloween spirit or escape to a tropical wonderland all this jam-packed weekend in Toronto


Oct. 20 Toronto Zombie Walk: It’s time once again for the undead to rise and walk the streets. I have a litre of fake blood and a batch of old clothing all set to get zombified. 

Oct. 20 Zombie Wrestling: Keep in the zombie spirit (and costume) for zombie wrestling at the Tranzac Club. Presented by fight brand, this event features humans, Mexican luchadores and zombies beating the crap out of each other. Plus, burlesque acts, live music and free prizes.

Oct. 20 Second City Training Centre Open House: If you’ve ever wanted to take an improv class or learn how to write stand-up, then this is your chance, for free! Open to all ages, plus free shows, food and prizes.


Oct. 20 CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale: This year, get a Halloween costume that’s been curated by professionals and worn on the big screen. Featuring over 30 vendors selling everything from high-end designer to retro vintage. Keep in mind: there is an entry fee for the venue. 

Oct 20-21 Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions: Showcasing Latin and Brazillian musicians plus a variety of food, workshops and performances to put you in a tropical state of mind. 

Oct. 21 Soupstock: The onset of cooler weather brings cravings for all things warm and comforting. Soupstock is set to be “ Toronto’s mega-culinary event of 2012″ with soup creations from over 200 top chefs. Just, don’t forget to bring a bowl and spoon! 

Oct. 21 The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Surround yourself with Halloween-themed goods at this macabre marketplace. Free admission and dozens of vendors. For those who enjoy the spookier things in life. 

 Oct. 21 Community Clothing and Costume Swap: If you’re like me and still don’t have a costume together, this event lets you swap last year’s look for a new one. Take note: clothing drop-off happens a few days beforehand. 


Mollie Paige writes for the Toronto Standard. You can follow her on twitter @MolliePB

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