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Pencil and Ink: The Uncanny X-Force Shoot to Kill
When the unethical becomes the imperative, Marvel's dark mutants get the job done

The X-Men are under constant scrutiny. From public ridicule to government surveillance, good publicity is absolutely pivotal to the mutants’ livelihood. Professor X and the X-Men are expected to be moral crusaders – beacons of all that is good and light. 

But what if a predicament requires darkness?
What happens when the unethical becomes the imperative? 

Enter X-Force. 

The X-Force is a secret black-ops squad currently led by (the epitome of unconventional heroics himself) Wolverine. Officially disbanded, the force tackles dirty assignments that the main X-Men simply cannot handle. 

The X-Force shoot to kill -they’re efficient like that. 

In Uncanny X-Force’s first storyline, super-villain Apocalypse, the first and oldest mutant, has been resurrected as an unwitting young boy. 
The Forces’ task is to effectively expunge of the problem i.e. kill the child. 

Relaunched in 2010 (original X-Force led by Cable, and created in 1991 by Rob Liefield and Fabian Niciezia), The Uncanny X-Force is currently written by Rick Remender and pencil n’ inked by Jerome Opeña, who delivers sumptuously brutal images. The X-Force members introduced in the first issue of Uncanny X-Force (Oct. 2010) are as follows: 

Logan’s philosophy on dealing with problems differs greatly from his fellow leading X-Men. He’s more of a “by any means necessary” kind of mutant. 

Betsy is a telekinetic, telepathic, mind-controlling ninja. Both Archangel and Fantomex are head over heels for this enchanting crusader. Wouldn’t you be? SHE’S A TELEKINETIC NINJA.  

Of course the severely deformed, obnoxiously loquacious, mentally deranged, regenerating degenerate would be a part of this. Remender has received ample praise from Deadpool fans for his gritty interpretation of the master assassin. Wade Wilson still posseses his usual bawdy charm, but with a darker, more solemn demeanor. Wilson claims he joined the X-Force solely for cash (and we can only assume a fried burrito), but his unexpected sincerity and dedication to the X-force demonstrates a new maturity to Wilson- a captivating development of the popular character.
See Pencil and Ink: Deadpool the “Merc with a Mouth” 


Accompanied with E.V.A, his external nervous system, Charlie possesses the unique ability to create vivid illusions. This makes him a master of misdirection- an extremely valuable technique in battle.


Co-captain with Wolverine, and in a loving relationship with the illustrious Psylocke, winged Warren Worthington III seems to have it all figured out. It’s not like he’s repressing the inevitable rise of his malevolent alter-ego or anything…

Current Available Trades

Uncanny X-Force, Vol 1: The Apocalypse Solution

Uncanny X-Force, Vol 2: Deathlok Nation 

Uncanny X-Force, Vol 3: The Dark Angel Saga

Uncanny X-Force, Vol 4: The Dark Angel Saga Part 2

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force/The Deep

Available in June: Uncanny X-Force, Vol 5: Otherworld

Highly Recommended Trade: Uncanny X-Force, Vol 1: The Apocalypse Solution 

Joanna Tsanis is a columnist for the Toronto Standard. Follow her on Twitter:‏ @joannatsanis

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